Biz Development Inc.
Biz Development Inc.

Business Theses

We believe that US technologies annexed with proficient American management can aid in addressing the basic needs of both under developed and developing countries. In many cases, baseline industries such as dairy farming, feedlot, corporate farming, and animal vaccine manufacturing still remain as cottage industries. To strengthen and sustain the economic base of a country, these basic units need to be reorganized and transformed into full scale industries.

 Some under developed countries have also specialized in fabricating certain products that meet international standards, thus qualify for large scale manufacturing. However, they lack the specialized knowledge to market their products to US corporations, governments, and consumer markets.  Such products are often also capital intensive, namely when establishing a presence in the US.  Being able to grab a foothold in America would allow under developed countries to introduce their specialty products in the most sophisticated and competitive place.  

To deploy technologies, management teams, or specialty products to either side requires a uniquely skilled enterprise which clearly understands the intricacies of both sides of the isle. This enterprise has to be equipped to identify production lines, track market gaps in countries, forge strategic alliances, and find matching capabilities in the industrial arena. 

To make the transition more effective and affordable, we prefer to choose smaller to mid size US companies which are eager to enter international markets in partnership with local operating and financial partners to mitigate financial and operational risks and stronger and specialized manufacturing units in developing countries.