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Biz Development Inc.




An exclusive contract between Biz Development, Inc. is signed to start marketing the product in India. There will be other countires added such as United Arab Emirate and Pakistan based on the success of project in India.


Product Brief Description


DeconGel is a gel used to clean up after chemical and nuclear disasters.[1] DeconGel was used after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan to remove high levels of radiation from the Asahimachi Baptist School, after the March 11, 2011 earthquake and subsequent tsunami compromised reactors and cooling baths at TEPCO’s Daiichi Nuclear Power Station. The product has been tested by numerous agencies and organizations in Japan including first responders, nuclear power plant operators, and private companies.




A memo between Biz Development, Inc. and RenuVolt management has been in works and will be signed to exploring Indian market and setup working shop to recharge batteries. RenuVolt will invest along with Indian local investor to make sure  Right after technical team to Moscow


Product Brief Description


RenuVolt is a technology company that provides the services to client to increase up to 3x the life span of industrial lead acid and nickel cadmium batteries. The service clients can be in various industries including the locomotive, airline, mining, telecommunications, military, and materials handling space.




BioHitech America product The Eco-Safe Digester is a cost effective solution for food waste


Product Brief Description


Eco-Safe Digester is simple machine that eliminates food waste on-site. The digested food waste is converted into grey water after that it uses municipal sewer systems to transport that water to wastewater treatment facilities where it will be recovered. There is no waste to store or transport, no solids generated, and no extra handling is required. The Digester is a machine that minimizes the generation of the waste and eliminates what’s left in a more efficient manner. The Eco-Safe Digester® also significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions by providing a sustainable means of transportation for the waste by-product that no longer requires on-road transportation.

Tecogen Cogneration


Tecogen Cogeneration negotiation is on hold and will remain on hold untill marketing of Ilios Dynamic is seccessfully proven.

Product Brief Description

A Tecogen cogeneration system delivers two forms of energy (electricity, plus hot water or chilled water) from a single fuel source. This is where the “co” in cogeneration comes from. Cogeneration is also sometimes called Combined Heat and Power (CHP).




The Biz Development, Inc. and Ilios Dynamics has intitial understanding to market this product in Indian Market. Successfull launch of this product in Indian market will trigger the initiating Techogen Cogeneration product in the same market. First step to have MOU signed will be taken in Decmber 2014.


Product Brief Description


A heat pump takes the naturally occurring energy from the environment (low temperature) and with mechanical work of a compressor, pumps this heat to higher temperature using a standard vapor compression refrigeration cycle. Heat exchangers are used to extract energy from the cold source and deliver it to the warmed media. While heat pumps can be configured many different ways, in the case of Ilios, the cold source is the outdoor environment and the warmed media is the building’s hot water. In a conventional heat pump, the compressor is driven by an electric motor. But with Ilios, a natural gas or propane fired engine provides the shaft power. As a result, the refrigeration cycle heat is supplemented with the engine waste heat for added efficiency.